The Bar Brawl and Insurance

Pubs are changing constantly in terms of expectations from patrons and whilst drink driving laws have reduced the number of pub crawls, not all patron behaviour has changed.

Research[1] during covid has found that more people are drinking excessively, suggesting that 12%  drank more than usual during lockdown. As news headlines show fights becoming a common incident after breaking free from the confinement of the Covid bubble, it also begs the question of whether this behaviour would cause issues once patronage goes back to the public bar.

As a publican myself, I have been exposed to poor behaviour within the bar area. People tend to go overboard at times and dont always take responsibility for reigning in aggression when it comes to drinking. Whilst publicans have a duty of care to their patrons in terms of the Responsible Service of Alcohol, when tensions overflow and a brawl breaks out or the patron falls and injures someone, both staff and employees are at risk.

Having sufficient insurance will help protect a business from the financial consequences during these times.

General Liability Insurance supports coverage for injury, property and any damage caused. It also covers you if there is a lawsuit. This type of insurance will protect many areas of risk and coupled with commercial property supports most Hotel needs.

Why not chat to us today to see where your business is at in terms of insurance? You may be surprised to find that you are not as covered as you should be.

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Disclaimer: Any general advice in this email may not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation and needs.

[1] Anu Survey 2020


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