Menu or Venue changes?

Whilst Covid has certainly impacted hotels, as we open up, many are also changing the way they deliver their hospitality to suit local clientele.

Vegan dishes have become popular on menus and family friendly outdoor areas are increasing.

The idea of the regular visit before heading home isn’t as popular as fathers take on more of a shared role for parenting; therefore the idea of the regular client needs have changed. Instead of paying for babysitting, playrooms support games areas for kids, however venues need to ensure they are making changes to their insurance coverage to ensure building changes are covered too.

I wonder therefore, whether we are all keeping up to date. Changes in the way you run your venue may not be covered by insurance, so it’s a good idea to keep up to date on what you have and what it covers.

Why not give us a call at MyPub Insurance to see if youre covered where you need to be.

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