Country Venues – Is it time for an updated review?

I’ve chatted before about my elderly neighbours who are grey nomads – lucky things! It makes me jealous of some of the country pubs they frequent. Recently they had returned from a six week tour of the Great Ocean Road and country towns of Victoria.

“Some of these pubs have the best food” they tell me. “They do great steaks, sourced from local butchers and most are reasonably priced.”

‘Ah to have be retired!’ I’m thinking to myself as they prattle on about the wonderful time they’ve had away, until they chat about the fact that Victoria has only really just moved on from heavy lockdown rules.

“So how are they going since the pandemic?” I ask.

“Better than ever,” came their reply. “One of the best we visited was Lockington in Victoria. It was going to close down – so the locals banded together and purchased it as a cooperative. They’ve renovated the dining area and have plans to do more. It’s providing local businesses with additional income plus more jobs for the local young people who might have previously headed off to the city.”

Their comments had me thinking I should visit a couple of my own clients in the country and so a few weeks ago we caught up to see whether their current insurance was still serving their best needs. We chatted about the fact that they may not be properly covered and discovered one needed coverage for electronics and staff, whilst the other had discovered that recent renovations to accommodation meant their policy needed updating.

As we shook hands at the end of the meeting, they thanked me. Neither realised they weren’t actually covered if things went haywire and so we agreed to meet on an annual basis and see how things were going.

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