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Welcome to My Pub Insurance Blog! We’re here to help you find the right insurance for your pub. Whether you’re looking for property insurance, liability insurance, or any other type of pub insurance, we can help. We understand that every pub is different, and we’ll work with you to find a policy that fits your needs. Read through our crafted resources and contact us today to get started!

Why Use an Insurance Broker?

Why Use an Insurance Broker?

Many people go to a broker when they are looking to secure funding for their business or new home, yet when it comes to insurance, they tend to go back to the same company. Many people also believe using an insurance broker can be expensive. This is not the case, in fact, often it costs […]

Putting in a playground?

Putting in a playground?

It’s quite popular for pubs and clubs to become more family friendly by adding playgrounds to their garden area. Whilst the trend is welcomed by parents wanting to enjoy a meal or drink and allow their children to play without the stress of having to mind them, occasionally some don’t really pass the safety test. […]

Country Venues – Is it time for an updated review?

I’ve chatted before about my elderly neighbours who are grey nomads – lucky things! It makes me jealous of some of the country pubs they frequent. Recently they had returned from a six week tour of the Great Ocean Road and country towns of Victoria. “Some of these pubs have the best food” they tell […]

Is your insurance a car crash waiting to happen?

Chatting to my neighbours recently, we discussed the fact that our street seemed to be one that attracted noisy racy cars who used the street late at night. ‘I’m not sure why’ one commented, ‘I guess they’re young and don’t really think about the consequences.’ ‘So much could go wrong,’ the other responded. This got […]

Country Pub?

Noticed your clients have been passing you by? If you’re a country pub, then why not consider converting that dead yard into a space where nomads can park! On 30 June 2020, approximately 4.2 million people (16% of Australia’s total population) were aged 65 and over [1] and a Roy Morgan[2] study suggests that 237 million baby […]

Business Interruption?

My elderly neighbors were having a discussion over coffee about whether they each wanted a burial or cremation when they passed away and though I thought it unusual, as I sat with them, they involved me in their conversation. “I’m not sure” was my answer. “I guess until I’m there, I don’t really think about […]

Why you should check your Insurance

Recent flood and fire events have brought attention to many insurance claims and often Pub owners don’t have time to be reading through the fine print of their insurance brochures. Yet MyPub would like to explain why it’s good to at least have a discussion around the contents of the policy. Property insurance, for example […]

Have you thought about loss of revenue?

Thinking they’d be organised, a recent client of mine began preparations for dinner the following evening. Afternoons were quiet in the small old style pub, and this was usually the time for preparing the next day’s meals. The end of the footy season also saw the local team come in for drinks, partying on until […]

Pokies and Insurance

Pokies and Insurance

Putting in pokies, Laptops or Computers? Check out whether you’re insured With the downturn in sales during Covid, many hotels are adding poker machines to their venues to boost profits. Whilst this might seem like a great idea, there are things you should know before you take the plunge. Let’s look a little at the […]

The Bar Brawl and Insurance

Pubs are changing constantly in terms of expectations from patrons and whilst drink driving laws have reduced the number of pub crawls, not all patron behaviour has changed. Research[1] during covid has found that more people are drinking excessively, suggesting that 12%  drank more than usual during lockdown. As news headlines show fights becoming a […]

Menu or Venue changes?

Whilst Covid has certainly impacted hotels, as we open up, many are also changing the way they deliver their hospitality to suit local clientele. Vegan dishes have become popular on menus and family friendly outdoor areas are increasing. The idea of the regular visit before heading home isn’t as popular as fathers take on more […]

Hospitality Insurance

As I was having dinner the other evening with a friend, we watched as a worker spilled a drinks tray and whilst we thought nothing of it, it made me think about all the ‘what if’s that may have occurred. What if they were spilled on a client and the red wine spoiled their new […]