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My Pub Insurance specialises in coverage for pubs, clubs, hotels, bars, breweries, cafes and restaurants – anywhere food and drink is served!

We’ve been sourcing cost-effective policies for our hospitality clients since 2007 and can arrange tailored insurance coverage based on your needs. We identify gaps which can often leave your business vulnerable and give guidance to ensure you are correctly covered.

When it comes time to having to make a claim, MyPub Insurance is ready to take the reins to get you back on track as soon as possible.

We like to think of ourselves as the publican’s best friend in insurance! Talk to us to find out how we can help you.

About MyPub Insurance

I’m Allan Sudale, the owner of MyPub Insurance and I would love to talk to you about your business because I have been a business owner myself. I know it’s hard to think about insurance when you are just struggling to get income through the door, however I would like to tell you about my clients and how they thought the same, yet have thanked me because they now realise it was needed. I’m here to help you because I believe in the products. I am happy to sit down for a chat over a beer, or you can call or email me to see how we can help – because that’s what we are here for. – To help.

Pub Insurance Resources

Explore My Pub Insurances latest resources and articles on why and where you may need to look into getting your pub, club or hotel insurance.

Why Use an Insurance Broker?

Many people go to a broker when they are looking to secure funding for their business or new home, yet when it comes to insurance, they tend to go back to the same company. Many people also believe using an insurance broker can be expensive. This is not the case, in fact, often it costs […]

Putting in a playground?

It’s quite popular for pubs and clubs to become more family friendly by adding playgrounds to their garden area. Whilst the trend is welcomed by parents wanting to enjoy a meal or drink and allow their children to play without the stress of having to mind them, occasionally some don’t really pass the safety test. […]

Country Venues – Is it time for an updated review?

I’ve chatted before about my elderly neighbours who are grey nomads – lucky things! It makes me jealous of some of the country pubs they frequent. Recently they had returned from a six week tour of the Great Ocean Road and country towns of Victoria. “Some of these pubs have the best food” they tell […]

Let us handle your insurance requirements